Saturday, 30 April 2011

An Easter weekend "ta-dah" moment

How clever are we?!?!
Over the Easter weekend we became the proud owners (and more importantly, builders) of a gorgeous cornflower blue shed.  It sits perfectly at the side of the house and amazingly tidies everything up.  I refer to it as our "french quarter" now and even bought plants to coordinate with it!!
The deal is the shed is for Mr P but because it is so close to the house and can be seen from the french doors, I got to choose the colour.  Tricky .... do you know how many lovely colours and shades there are?!?!  I set out with Cornflower Blue in mind but when I was faced with a choice I began to dither.  Willow? Sage? Bluebell? Country house Cream?  Thankfully Mr P was on hand to speed things up and we came away with my first choice.  Excellent decision ...... I LOVE IT.


The weather was gorgeous and has enticed growth in the garden.  When I wasn't being a "Very Important Person" - holding tacks, supporting shed walls, making tea for Bob the Builder - I was able to amble around the garden, snipping, digging, moving and shaping the recently awakened plants and shrubs into some sense of order. The Acer tree is magnificent and Gert loves to lie beneath it watching the comings and goings of the day.  The May and Jade trees have erupted with blossom and look gorgeous.  Everywhere I look there are signs of new life. 
After much reshuffling I was left with a number of  empty pots on the patio crying out for some friendly occupants and needing no better excuse I set out for the local garden centre.  The criteria ... anything that grabbed my attention and looked pretty.  And after an hour of bimbling around I came away with Cosmos, Saxifrage, Alyssum and Aquilegia.  I also couldn't resist the sweet scents of Jasmine and Sweetpea, so they came home too!!
I have fallen in love with the garden all over again.

Our evenings were spent basking in the late sun and firing up our small but perfectly formed BBQ.  After a day spent outside you can't beat a glass of chilled vino and the 'here-comes-the-sun' smell of burning charcoal.  By flickering candle light we munched on ciabatta burgers and Greek salad ... delicious.

And I couldn't resist sharing my Easter gift from my goddaughter with you ....

cute, huh?!

However you spent it, I hope your Easter weekend was a good one xx

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