Sunday, 15 May 2011

Boost my mood

Recently, when reading the lovely Andrea's blog (Apples and Pears) I came upon a recommendation.  'The Feel Good Factor' by Patrick Holford - 10 proven ways to boost your mood and motivate yourself.  Now I don't see myself as particularly down in the dumps, but sometimes I think I could do with a little extra oomph and I have been feeling rather lethargic and lacking in 'get up and go' recently.  The title sounded so positive and proactive that I immediately purchased said book on Amazon and upon delivery devoured the first two chapters - 'The anatomy of feeling good'  and 'My top ten mood-boosting secrets'.  

The conclusion thus far is that I need to banish my 'sugar blues', which in turn should also help my concentration levels and memory (which are questionable at the best of times). The answer, it seems, is a cocktail of supplements on a daily basis. Cod Liver Oil capsules for healthy brain function (as well as oiling the joints).  Chromium tablets to decrease sugar cravings, adjust my blood sugar levels and to make me feel generally perkier.  And a high-potency multivitamin to cover all bases.

When I have read Chapter 3 and have got my head around 'Good Mood Foods', I'll be all singing all dancing and full to brim with va-va-voom!!

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