Saturday, 31 March 2012

School Trip

What super weather we have had recently ...
Spring has most definitely sprung.

Thursday saw us (Red Class) at Gaston Farm, Slindon. 
Set in the South Downs, it is a beautiful spot
where you have the chance to witness traditional lambing,
get up close to the lambs and sheep themselves,
hold baby chicks and ducklings and enjoy a free tractor/trailer ride.
It costs £4, with under 2's going free
and with the help of a strong base of volunteers,
all proceeds from the café and shop,
and all donations from the free tractor and trailer ride
go towards charities that Gaston Farm have supported for many years...a Nepal Orphanage and an African Soup Kitchen.

I've been back at work for a week now
and this trip was just what the doctor ordered. 
Fresh air, beautiful countryside and the miracle of new life. 

We were lucky enough to see triplets being born.
They were 10 days premature which in a 5 week gestation period
is a lot but with a very hands on approach by the shepherd
and his wife, all 3 were OK. 
I was totally caught up in the moment ...
thank goodness for sunglasses as they hid the tears in my eyes
from the children as I reassured them that all was going to be OK!

We got to hold baby chicks (the ducklings are arriving next week),
stroke a lamb which we named 'Digger'
and shrieked with excitment on the bumpy tractor ride ...
What fun!!

If you are in the area I would absolutely recommend you visit ... you can't fail to enjoy yourself.

p.s. I spotted Ashley from Country Rose 
enjoying the day with her husband and gorgeous daughter Rose
and rashly introduced myself ...
honestly I'm not a mad stalker Ashley :0) 
I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.


  1. How funny that you bumped into Ashley at Country Rose!!! She and Rose came over recently, as you aren't too far away, perhaps we can meet up too.
    Look at that gorge lamb, aren't they the sweetest things? I always go to lambing events, got to love them. Going to google now to see where I can go as we always lived in Berkshire before.
    x x x x

  2. Sorry it's taken so long to reply Gem. Was going to suggest Coombes Farm to you but looks like you found it already. Lovely there isn't it. My laptop has been back to the menders recently to clear it of yet another virus ... this one posing as anti-virus software! It's a school laptop so has to be fixed by the school guys which always seems to take a long time and takes me out of the loop. Scarey how reliant we/I am on email/facebook/etc. So my belated reply to your suggestion to meet up is yes. That would be great. Obviously I'm at school during the week but weekends are good. Let me know what works for you :)