Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whiling away the hours!

This weekend has been a quiet one.  The sunshine has been very welcome and encouraged me to venture out into the garden where I have found some wonderful and reassuring bursts of cheerful colour. 
It puts a smile on the face and lifts the spirits to see the first signs of Spring ... 
new life popping up to say "how do"!!

And love is in the air ....

Yesterday I took myself off for a walk through the village and down to the sea. Not much was happening: a few people titivating their gardens, washing their cars and enjoying the unusual and short lived sunshine.  I think the warmth of the day and the suggestion of Spring put everyone in a good mood as there were many "hellos" and nods of greeting as I passed by.  The beach however, was near deserted, apart from the odd dog walker in the distance.  Very peaceful.

And now for some pumpkin soup.  It may not look like much, but boy is it delicious!!!
Hope you've all had a super-duper weekend too xx

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