Wednesday, 9 November 2011

National Treasures

Isn't it amazing ... when you live close to a place of interest, you don't visit it.
Why is that? 
You listen to others extolling its virtues, ohhing and ahhing over its history/size/architecture/beauty and think 'That sounds good, I really must visit it myself one day, after all it's only down the road'
but somehow never find the time. 
Indeed, I'm far more likely to get into the car, drive 40 miles and visit another counties place of interest!! Hmmmmmm.
So last weekend when the Fairtrade and Ethics Fair was hosted at Arundel Castle
and having lived just 10 minutes away for the past thirty years,
I thought this really is too good an opportunity to miss and visited for the first time!
(And bonus, because it was in a castle, Mr P was inclined to come along too).

Impressive huh!
The seat of The Dukes of Norfolk and set in 40 acres of sweeping grounds and gardens, Arundel Castle has been open to visitors seasonally for nearly 200 years. It is one of the great treasure houses of England, each having its own unique place in history and is home to priceless works of art. Come and see paintings and furniture, tapestries and stained glass, china and clocks, sculpture and carving, heraldry and armour in stunning room settings.

Sounds good doesn't it?  I bet many of you have driven miles to see this beauty and I merely glance at it as I drive over the hill and around the by-pass on route to some other national treasure.

Anyhoo, I can now say I have visited.  And yes I loved it, and yes I wondered why I hadn't made the time before and yes I will visit again ... properly.

As for the fair - it was far too busy, in too small a space with too many deadends.   What a grump I sound!
But I did enjoy the bag of Toffee Crumble, from the traditional sweet shop in town, afterwards - mmmmmmm.

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