Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blowing away the cobwebs ...

Woke up late today (9.45am!!) and felt out of sorts all morning.  Getting up late definitely doesn't agree with me and I end up feeling very lazy and grouchy.  So Mr P was in for a great day - poor man. 
However, I was persuaded to step out and take the air which proved to be the perfect tonic.  We drove up to The Dover and ambled through the woods for 2 hours.  Me taking photos at every turn (50 to be precise) and Mr P hunting for chesnuts, which we are going to roast later on this evening and enjoy with a warmed glass of red wine - mmmmmmmm. 
I even agreed to have my photo taken, which if you know me you will know is nothing short of a minor miracle!!
I thoroughly enjoyed blowing the cobwebs away today.

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